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Face care

Face care

Applying latest discoveries in cosmetics science and the power of hydrotherapy, we have created unique face care programs, effects thereof are praised by our guests. In order to attain satisfactory results, each series of treatment is preceded by skin diagnostics, which allows to perfectly correlate individually selected care program with your needs and the length of your SPA holiday. A diversified offer also includes treatments with selected SPA preparations, aromatherapy and relaxing influence of music.

The beauty salon is a part of Villa Hoff Wellness therapy. You will find there luxurious conditions, created on the basis of holistic rules, regenerating and beautifying SPA packages, and unique relaxing atmosphere.

Those that wish to continue the care program or to strengthen the effects after leaving the SPA hotel may buy exclusive products of Bioline, Ella Bache, Germaine de Capuccini for home care available in beauty salons only.


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