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SPA hotels at the seaside – Villa Hoff Trzęsacz

SPA hotels in Poland – and elegant Villa Hoff among them

The idea of healing with water treatment called SPA (Lat. SANITAS PER AQUA) is becoming more and more popular nowadays. At modern times it comes in a form of SPA hotels offering slimming treatment, weight losing holidays and SPA packages.
Villa Hoff is one of the most attractive facilities of this type at the Polish Baltic seaside.

You will find here ideal conditions to recover your stamina and find the peace of mind in the most suitable way, namely by resting in luxurious apartments, relaxing during a massage or a SPA treatment, or walking by the sea near unique church ruins on the top of the cliff.

By respecting holistic Wellness therapy rules we support effects gained by SPA packages or slimming holidays with appropriate diet offers.  Our new menu of Villa Hoff SPA hotel we offer various flavors of fish and seafood, not forgetting delicious specialties prepared from vegetables full of vitamins and nutrients.

CLUB SPA & WELLNESS at Villa Hoff hotel

CLUB SPA & WELLNESS Villa Hoff has four modern salons offering comprehensive SPA packages or individually selected cosmetic and relaxing treatments.  Our professional staff will help you select a SPA holiday tailored to your needs, including massages, cosmetic treatment or elements of Wellness therapy – make the benefit of biological regeneration in our studios:

  • BEAUTY salon - a guarantee of effective care of each type of skin. We also offer anti-cellulite treatment, manicure, make-up and color cosmetics counseling.
  • AQUA studio – a combination of traditional methods with latest technology results in effective hydrotherapy – we offer hydro massages, slimming baths, and dry-water massages using MedyJet devices.
  • YAMATO studio – is the zone comprehensive body care - we recommend manual massages and SPA capsule especially.
  • MASSAGE studio - –his is the kingdom of Far East Wellness therapy - hot stone massages, shell massages, aromatherapy, light therapy, and manual massages.

All guests of our hotel that choose SPA holidays are offered the possibility of unlimited use of an indoor pool, dry and steam sauna.


  • Biological regeneration: Slimming, regeneration, rejuvenation, care, firming, losing weight, relaxation
  • Body detoxication, improving general body condition and defenses against illnesses - dry and steam sauna, indoor pool
  • Rehabilitation - massage
  • Traditional Far East Wellness therapy
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Hydrotherapy and slimming treatment (Orion Bath)
  • Lightly - endothermic massage removing cellulite and fat tissue
  • SPA capsule – relaxation and model ling treatment
  • Cellcare CITE – electroacupuncture
  • Manual massage


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